14.53cts natural brown mushroom rhyolite 925 silver 14k gold pendant d31147

Item Code: D1608-D31147

  • Model #D31147
  • Primary StoneMushroom Rhyolite
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorBROWN
  • StylePendant
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)14.53
  • Weight (Gms)7.09
  • Size: (inch)1 5/8
  • Secondary StoneBiwa Pearl
Mushroom Rhyolite

Mushroom Rhyolite

Rainforest Jasper is another name for the gemstone Rhyolite. It is Igneous Rock Types and is dark and has a reddish glassy groundmass. Rhyolite is basically stiff lava because of high silica content. Earth stone Mushroom Rhyolite is a mushroom picture rock is a wonderful connection to the earth and all its inhabitants. This unusual gemstone is polished, well with diamond procedures. Mushroom Rhyolite a mushroom picture rock is found in different shades of red, orange, green, gray in addition to brown and may have surface consistency varying from glass to aphanitic to the porphyritic size of the crystals. Rhyolite is a dense homogeneous rock equivalent of granite with a distinct difference in the size of the crystals.  Rhyolite wh...

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