Lapis Lazuli Jewelry Collection

Lapis Lazuli, also known as Lapis in short, is an enchanting dark blue gemstone. Since ancient times, this blue beauty has been beloved for its strong and passionate blue color. This is regarded as the zodiac stone of Sagittarius. The saintly blue hue of Lapis represents royalty and respect, strength and visualization. Worldwide, Lapis epitomizes intelligence & veracity. 

Beautiful Lapis Lazuli Silver Jewelry

sterling silver lapis lazuli stone jewelry looks highly captivating and dazzles with a rich impressive dark blue hue. The stone is cut into cabochons, inlays, beads as well as tablets for the purpose of jewelry. You too may modify your jewelry box by adding the rich vintage or modish lapis lazuli jewels to it. 

Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli Jewelry in History and Fashion

It has been proved by historians that the connection of Lapis Lazuli with humans is more than 6,500 years old. This dark blue colored stone was cherished by many early civilizations including China, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, and Greece. The stone was used by the Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians for jewelry & seals. It was esteemed for its bright wonderful color and was valued equally to sapphires and turquoise stones in terms of price. Also, at a Neolithic site in Pakistan, the Lapis lazuli beads have been discovered.

The Lapis lazuli gemstone is fashioned into awesome jewelry pieces that are part of fashion today. The use of this stone is not confined to jewelry merely. Rather, it has also been used as a great carving stone that takes shape as various objects of decoration


At Gemexi we are committed to selling gemstones and jewelry ethically and with uprightness, helping you retain trust in us. We source our gemstones from the most reliable places of mining. Lapis Lazuli is sourced from Badakshan mines in Afghanistan, Andes, and Russia. Small amounts of this blue gemstone are also sourced from India, Angola, Burma, Italy, Argentina, Pakistan; Canada, California &Colorado. 

Lapis Lazuli Silver Jewelry Styles

We at Gemexi strongly believe that moments can be made memorable through gifts. Yes! Gifts that are tangible and unique remind of those cherished moments which we spent with our loved ones.  And what can be a better gift than a scintillating piece of jewelry! Hence, our assortment of Lapis Lazuli stone jewelry includes pieces that are urbane, graceful and ethereal. Our jewelry styles include classic designs to the most modern ones which are indeed timeless. 


Our jewelry designers and experts believe that every gemstone contains unlimited possibilities that can be turned into shape and creative designs. Therefore, we create jewelry that is delightful and dazzling. We create every piece of jewelry with special effort, novel ideas and most important of all – with love!  

Personalize Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

We love our customers and value their suggestions and ideas. We feel pleasure in telling that we have got a big customer support service or the bespoke service that is always ready to talk with our esteemed customers. You may happily share your jewelry ideas with us so that you get to personalize your sterling silver lapis lazuli stone jewelry items in your expected manner. So get ready to choose, modify and create!

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