Multi color dichroic glass amethyst pearl 925 sterling silver pendant m9619

Item Code: M531-M9619

  • Model #M9619
  • Primary StoneDICHROIC GLASS
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • StylePendant
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)16.46
  • Weight (Gms)7.48
  • Size: (inch)2
  • Secondary StoneAmethyst

Dichroic Glass

The Dichroic glass as its epithet is a glass which is formed up of two or more colors transmitted and reflected by the glass. Extensively created by NASA to solve the purpose of space and laser industries, so it is man made, but as we all know everything whether man-made or natural has some sort of energy vibration imbibed. These imbibed energy vibrations from the Mother nature has metaphysical properties as well. Furthermore, this glass is created with metallic oxides which would take their properties to it. Perception says that it is helpful for seeing past misapprehensions, communication with cosmological beings, bringing childlike ecstasy into the wearer’s spirit, and in meditation. It is surely employed effectively as a focal poi...

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