925 silver 11.92cts natural dendrite opal (merlinite) adjustable bangle t91620

Item Code: T4631-T91620

  • Model #T91620
  • Primary StoneDendritic Opal
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorWHITE
  • StyleBANGLE
  • Design PatternADJUSTABLE
  • Stone Weight (Ct)11.92
  • Weight (Gms)13.24
  • Size: (inch)2 3/8 - 2 4/8
  • Secondary StoneExotic
Dendritic Opal

Dendritic Opal

Dendrite means tree-like inclusions in the milky opal that is made up of silicates or manganese oxides. They contemplate as moss opal or Merlinite. It holds the propensity to attract the magic of love as well as luck in the aliveness of its carrier. It further whispers that it will take his carrier to the high places to attain his self as well as link up the deep inner state with the cleric. It is furthermore known to excite the meditative state in its carrier to know his darker, unseen parts. The shamanic vibes of it allow its carrier to unfold the nature’s as well as universe energies for his use. Dendritic Opal Silver Jewelry would help its carrier to communicate with the fundamental self and the globe. It is further branded to be ...

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