Wholesale lot of 10 Evil Eye Pendants in 925 Sterling Silver

Item Code: W147-W147

  • Model #W147
  • Primary StoneCrystal
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorWHITE
  • StyleWholesale Lot
  • Design PatternPENDANT EARRINGS
  • Stone Weight (Ct)22.5
  • Weight (Gms)9
  • Size: (inch)1
  • Secondary Stone


Crystals are known to be one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound energy tool used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. The crystals are frequently known to possess grounding energies that help its carrier to bear on a firm basis. These grounding energies further provide its carrier a base to give tongue to himself as well as attend to bring awareness to a heightened spiritual level. They have the propensity to surround the whole aura with their healing eminences. They are further believed to clutch the balancing energies in the spell of its carrier’s life which help to know his imbalances along with the curative remedies. They are predisposed to elevate the chakras, which in turn help its carrier to e...

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