925 sterling silver 5.51cts copper nugget poison box ring jewelry size 8 p75548

Item Code: P3828-P75548

  • Model #P75548
  • Primary StoneCopper Nugget
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • Color
  • StyleRing
  • Design Patternpoison box
  • Stone Weight (Ct)5.51
  • Weight (Gms)11.02
  • Size: (USA)8
  • Secondary StoneExotic
Copper Nugget

Copper Nugget

The Copper nuggets are so called copper chunks are ductile in nature. They are too known to show excellent thermal as well as electrical conductivity. The enormous eminence of copper connects its carrier with the earth along with its energies. It is furthermore carried by its carrier for its working ability with other metals and their elemental energies. Copper is fairly soft and holds beautiful hues of peach or else of the pink hue. Copper though pure and soft is further melted down to form nuggets to constitute it a charismatic tool for healing. It is popular for its grounding eminence as well as for its potential impact on all the chakras of the torso of its carrier. It is further known to dispense with all the chakras to pull in live...

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