Natural Black Banded Oil Shale 925 Sterling Silver Pendant D45101 |

black banded oil shale 925 sterling silver pendant d45101

Item Code: D2306-D45101

  • Model #D45101
  • Primary Stonebanded oil shale
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorBLACK
  • StylePendant
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)18.15
  • Weight (Gms)7.26
  • Size: (inch)1 5/8
  • Secondary StoneExotic
banded oil shale

Banded Oil Shale

You must have definitely heard about or seen the beautiful and unique looking banded oil shale jewelry. Having a mix of few lovely colors like black and grey, the banded oil shale jewelry definitely makes you stand apart from the crowd. The oil shale gets formed on the beds of lakes and seas. In fact, when the organic wreckage starts getting settled down and collected at the bottom of the water body, the formation of the oil shale begins. Gradually as the time passes by, this debris collected at the bottom of lakes and seas get converted into a rock in presence of increased temperature and also, the pressure. Banded oil shale is a beautiful striped or banded form of sedimentary rock. These sedimentary rocks are such that the oil can be take...

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