russian jurassic opal ammonite 925 silver earrings p64689

russian jurassic opal ammonite 925 silver earrings p64689

Item Code: P3285-P64689

  • Model #P64689
  • Primary StoneAmmonite
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • Color
  • StyleEarrings
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)15.31
  • Weight (Gms)7.47
  • Size: (inch)1 5/8
  • Secondary StoneTopaz


One of the most collectible and a powerful earth healing fossil is loved by healers and wearers alike. Highly sought out fossil stone it is spiral in shape. Its shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. The remarkable spirals are at instances, nearly too optimistic to believe. As a gem of fortification, it emerges like a magic treasure in an ocean. It is measured to be an extraordinary conception of the Mother Nature as it tends to provide an insight to know the whole image of the self along with the environing universe. Often vibrant in color, it provides stability to its user, it too encourages ones survival instincts because of its association with the Root chakra. Known to be a fossil stone with grounding virtues, it is promin...

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