Wholesale lot of 11 natural purple amethyst rough 925 silver pendants

Item Code: W279-W279

  • Model #W279
  • Primary StoneAmethyst
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorPURPLE
  • StyleWholesale Lot
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)0
  • Weight (Gms)36
  • Size: (inch)1-1/8
  • Secondary StoneExotic


Amethyst, is the violet-purple variety of quartz often used as an adornment in amethyst jewelry. Among the several varieties of quartz, Amethyst is the semi-precious stone believed to be worn by the people born in February. The ancient Greeks and Romans considered amethyst as an intoxicant, and hence they used to wear amulets made out of amethyst and use amethyst vessels as protection against drunkenness and in battle. The healing properties of the amethyst crystal are unique among the other crystals that are available and is found in abundance by the benevolence of Mother Nature. Amethyst is the most affordable gemstone to choose from other; however the more intense and deeper its purple color goes, the more expensive it becomes...

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