925 silver 76.49cts natural golden pyrite in magnetite tennis bracelet p23505

Item Code: P1226-P23505

  • Model #P23505
  • Primary StoneAmazonite
  • Metal Type925 Silver
  • ColorGREEN
  • StyleBracelet
  • Design Pattern
  • Stone Weight (Ct)76.49
  • Weight (Gms)29.42
  • Size: (inch)6 4/8 - 8
  • Secondary StoneTopaz


The semi-opaque and extremely attractive, Amazonite is a sea-blue or sea-green colored variety of Feldspar, which has derived its name from the Amazon River. Like profound and intense water, Amazonite indicates a captivating shade of sea blue and green, promising to pacify the soul and calms the spirit. The energy of Amazonite is as powerful as the River Amazon on which it is named, and as audacious as the well-known female combatants with whom the amazing stone is connected, yet it reduces aggression, quietens the absurd and irrational things, and tranquil the uneasiness. It provides balance and harmony in the life of the one who wears it.   Amazonite has been used in jewellery making since the times of Mesopotamian civilizat...

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