Green Tourmaline In Quartz

Green Tourmaline In Quartz - Color, Facts, Power, Mythology, History And Myths

Tourmalines in quartz are found commonly in form of needles and rods. However, green tourmalines are extremely rare. Green tourmaline in quartz is a perfect combinatison of healing properties of green tourmaline and quartz both. While green tourmaline instills joyousness in one’s life with its unique vibration, the quartz is known for its amazing ability to augment the powers and properties of other stones. Green crystals often help in establishing strong connection with Mother Earth and so does the green tourmaline. Opening and stimulating the heart chakra, the green tourmaline in quartz helps in establishing electromagnetic link with the earth. Green tourmaline in quartz shows superb vibration. The quartz is an awesome magnifier and it lets the green tourmaline work with even more power and energy. The popular name for Green Tourmaline is Verdelite which is mostly used in businesses and trading. One of the unique properties of tourmaline is its piezoelectricity feature. When you rub it, the crystal becomes charged. One of its end gets positive charge while the other end gets a negative charge.

Where is Green Tourmaline In Quartz found?

Tourmaline has an interesting historical facts and legends associated with it. It is said that the stone travelled all the way from the core of the earth and during its journey, it passed though a rainbow. That’s the reason why it is available in all colors. The stone was used by the Egyptian and Mediterranean people. They used the stone as a talisman and also as a helpful stone for instilling relaxed sleep.

Healing Properties

Green tourmaline in quartz is a bundle of numerous emotional healing abilities.

  • Strengthens relationships – Use the beautiful green tourmaline in quartz to fortify your relationships. While green tourmaline will help you add love in a relationship, the quartz will simply augment the same. Green tourmaline in quartz is an excellent helper for relationships that are weak and need a strong bond.
  • Instills wisdom – Get the power to observe things wisely. Make wise decisions by using green tourmaline in quartz. Green tourmaline in quartz is known to initiate intelligence in its wearer.
  • Green Tourmaline enhances patience – Do you often feel that you often lose your patience? Do you find it tough to tolerate anything? If yes, using green tourmaline will bring positive results for you as this stone is known to increase and improve the tolerance level in its user and wearer.
  • Heals the emotional injuries of past – Sometimes, we find it difficult to forget the injuries of the past. But life cannot be spent by repenting over the past. Using green tourmaline will not only you overcome your trauma of past but it will also let you accept it in a comfortable way.
  • Invites sensitivity in love – Love is nothing without sensitivity in it. If you feel that your love lacks the essential compassion and warmth, try to stay close to green tourmaline in quartz. Keep it with you or wear it in form of jewelry to add meaning and compassion to love.
  • Attracts affluence – The financial conditions start getting better when one starts using green tourmaline in quartz. The green tourmaline attracts wealth while quartz helps in amplifying the same. 
  • Helps in better expressing power – Those who find it hard to express themselves with confidence and clarity can take help of this lovely combo of green tourmaline in quartz as it improves the power of expression in its user.

Green tourmaline in quartz – Spiritual Healing Properties

The chief spiritual properties and benefits of using green tourmaline in quartz have been listed below:

  • Amplify your psychic abilities – The psychic abilities are a natural and powerful gift. By using green tourmaline in quartz you can increase your psychic powers and abilities which play a significant role in the spiritual world.
  • Learning and Illumination – Start walking on the path of purity and enlightenment by using this outstanding stone! Instilling a clear and straightforward thought procedure in its user, this stone aids in learning the mysteries of spiritual world in a clearer manner.
  • Protects your spirit – In order to augment your knowledge in spirituality, it is vital to keep a control upon your own spirit. You need to protect it from psychic attacks and negativity of any kind. Green tourmaline in quartz provides essential protection to your spirit.
  • Get purification – Leaning and understanding spirituality is impossible without a pure body, mind and soul. The green tourmaline in quartz help you purify from within. It gives you the crucial energies and capability to get purified so that understanding spiritualism becomes easy for you.
  • Helps in achieving universal life force – Tourmalines are a great medium of universal life force which is essential in every course of life. This force gives us the strong will power and energy which is required in almost every task we do. By simply placing a crystal of green tourmaline in quartz you can improve the flow of universal life force at your place.
  • Brings wood elemental energy - Invite wood elemental energy by using green tourmaline in quartz. It will help you connect and know your family, ancestors, and community as well.
  • Adds energy to your spiritual efforts – If you are keen on learning and understanding spirituality, this stone will provide you with the proper energies so that your efforts get stronger and firm.

Green tourmaline in quartz – Physical Healing Properties

Green tourmaline does not only help you with its awesome spiritual and emotional healing abilities but it also helps you with its physical healing abilities.

  • Skeletal system – You can fortify your entire skeletal system by using green tourmaline in quartz.
  • Helps you fight certain diseases – Green tourmaline in quartz is believed to aid in solving physical ailments related to heart and thymus glands.
  • Boosts nutrients in your body – Green tourmaline helps you augment nutrition in your body. It guides you to eat properly and lets you understand the significance of healthy eating.
  • Charges your body – Green tourmaline in quartz helps in charging your body. you feel revitalized when close to this stone.
  • Regeneration of cells – Use green tourmaline in quartz to renew and restore cells in cellular system.
  • Strengthen muscles – This stunning crystal can also be used by the athletes as it helps in strengthening the muscles.
  • Aid in reducing fatigue – If you often feel very tired and exhausted, using green tourmaline in quartz can be very beneficial for you. The crystal fills you with superb energy, improves your metabolism and helps you feel revitalized.
  • Helps in relaxed sleep – If you or your known ones suffer from the problem of insufficient sleep, you may benefit by wearing green tourmaline in quartz jewelry. You can also keep this crystal in your bedroom to achieve the relevant sleep benefits. By using this stone, one can achieve calm sleep as the stone charges the wearer’s body and instills the feeling of relaxation.
  • Help keep radiation away – One of the best uses of green tourmaline in quartz is that it acts as an anti-radiation stone. Hence, by wearing this crystal or by keeping it close to your aura, you can stay protected from harmful radiations emitted by computers, microwaves or other such devices. You can also keep this crystal at your workplace so that you stay safe in place which is full of computers and other similar machines that emit radiation.

Green Tourmaline In Quartz Facts

  • The term “Tourmaline” hails from the word “tura mali” which is a Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word. It means stone of mixed colors.
  • As per old legends, tourmaline is available in all colors as it met a rainbow during its journey from deep inside the earth.
  • Tourmaline is found in a rich range of colors including black, blue-black, deep brown, bright blue, fresh green, dark green, red, purplish red, pink, yellow, etc.
  • Some of the popular varieties of tourmaline include multicolored variety, the watermelon tourmaline, green verdelite, cat’s eye tourmaline and dichroic variety. The dichroic variety is popular because of its amazing varied views that can be observed from diverse angles.  


Metaphysical Properties

Green tourmaline in quartz – Important Uses
By using this amazing crystal, you can enhance your creative powers. Improving your personal skills and providing essential energies for the same, the green tourmaline in quartz let you think in a creative and innovative way. This crystal is also a blessing for those who are studying herbs. Being close to nature, this crystal helps you study herbs and plants in a better way. Those who are using herbal treatments can improve and augment the effect of herbal remedies by keeping this crystal close to their aura. Green tourmaline in quartz can also be used as a great detoxifying agent. It purifies your body and lets you feel better.  


Green tourmaline in quartz - Chakra Healing
Green tourmaline works best with the heart chakra. It purifies your heart and lets you choose the path of love and purity. By providing calm and empathetic vibrations to your heart, the green tourmaline crystal controls your heart in the most positive manner. In fact, the energy found in green tourmaline is most suitable for heart chakra and thus, wearing this crystal does a lot of good to the wearer’s heart. This crystal also establishes a firm link between the mind and the heart. The positive effects of this stunning crystal can also be observed in the third eye chakra. One receives better and stronger results in visualization when using green tourmaline in quartz. The crystal also helps in accepting life’s changes in a smooth manner.

Meditation with Green tourmaline in quartz
Tourmalines are considered wonderful when it comes to meditation. Especially, the green tourmalines help a lot during meditation as one feels truly merged with nature while meditating with the help of this incredible crystal. The quartz crystal attached with green tourmaline augments the spiritual qualities of green tourmaline and let you meditate in a better way.

Green Tourmaline In Quartz Color

The color of green tourmaline contains almost all shades of green. You may notice mint green, usual green, emerald green, blue-greenish shade, dark green, olive green and light green shades in a green tourmaline.

  • Cleavage
  • Other Names
  • Crystal Habit
  • Streak
  • Refractive Index1.62 – 1.64
  • DiaphaneityTransparent
  • Mohs scale (hardness)7 to 7.5
  • Sources
  • Chemical formulaSodium, Aluminum, Lithium, Boro Silicate Hydroxide
  • Lustrevitreous
  • Colormint green, usual green, emerald green, blue-greenish shade, dark green, olive green and light green shades
  • Chakra HealingThird Eye Chakra,Heart chakra
  • Birthstone
  • Zodiac


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