There are many beautiful but often ignored minerals and stones under the crevices of the Earth that are often unknown or so rare that very few people know about them. This in no way means that they are not impressive, beautiful or filled with wonder. Celestobarite is one such stone that many may not have heard of. It is an enchanting stone that deserves to be known and celebrated by one and all. 

Celestobarite is a cream, coral or orange-colored gemstone that is composed of properties and energies of Celestite and Barites – hence the name. Barium and strontium sulfate are known to be present in this stone. It is believed that through a rare stone, it is a highly effective stone that can heal the body physically and spiritually.


Where is Celestobarite found?

Celestobarite is primarily found in Poland, England, Australia, Denmark, and the USA. It is said that Celestobarite has the composite properties of Barite and Celestite. 

Healing Properties

Celestobarite is known to be a shamanic oracle that clears your understanding and vision of things. It is believed that with the help of the stone you can find answers to things which aren’t clear to you. One of its most invigorating properties is its ability to help a wearer take an informed decision. It is a multidimensional stone, one which helps explore and also understand the multiple layers of one’s being. Known as a shielding stone, it is known to help work on many of the chakras. It helps align the soul with the physical necessities and struggles of everyday living allowing us to cut through barriers. Moreover, it does all of it without being over-powering but has a rather soothing and sweet energy.  

Physical Healing – Celestobarite is known to help open the mind and understand the realities of the world better. As a healing stone, it helps keep the mind stable and yet powerful. 

Emotional Healing – By helping the mind open, it allows a wearer to better comprehend situations that otherwise may seem difficult. The stone helps a person take a tough decision which can alter the way we function and respond to our external environment. 

Spiritual Healing – As a shamanic stone, Celestobarite helps to bring balance in thought. The stone is known to act as a guardian or as a guiding light. It is also a stone that continuously reminds us that nothing in life remains the same and everything keeps changing. It also teaches us the importance to find joy and acceptance in everything we do. 
Chakra Healing – Celestobarite is known to work wonders on the base and crown chakra. Considered to be a journeying stone it keeps the chakras aligned and functional. It also connects to the solar chakra. 

Celestobarite Facts

  • Celestobarite has properties of Celestite and Barite
  • It is composed of barium and strontium sulfate
  • Celestobarite is found in Poland, England, Australia, Denmark, and the USA
  • It is considered to be a shamanic stone
  • Helps reach a decision from a state of undecidedness
  • Brings balance and stability to the wearer’s life
  • Helps view life from all angles and sides so that our decisions are well-thought after
  • Works to align the base, crown and solar chakra

Metaphysical Properties

As a shamanic stone, its properties are known to be helpful in bringing stability, decidedness, and joy into life. Its metaphysical properties include the ability to help people make decisions conscientiously and wisely.

Celestobarite In News

Celestobarite Color

Celestobarite is often found in salmon pink or orange colors in a fibrous stone with blue or grey banding. Its light hues are very attractive which not only appeal but also soothes the eyes and soul.

  • CleavageNA
  • Other NamesNA
  • Crystal HabitNA
  • StreakNA
  • Refractive IndexNA
  • DiaphaneityNA
  • Mohs scale (hardness)NA
  • SourcesNA
  • Chemical formulaNA
  • LustreNA
  • ColorSalmon pink and orange with blue or grey banding
  • Chakra HealingNA
  • BirthstoneDecember
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  • Fenna
    May 24, 2021, 11:44:07 AM

    Celestobarite is believed to 'cut through barriers,' taking you to the edge and safety beyond. You are sharing excellent knowledge. I will buy this soon.


    Hello Fenna, We appreciate you taking the time to send us this helpful response. We would be happier to assist you.

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