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Biwa Pearls are referred to as those pearls, which are originally freshwater pearls cultured by mussels, and not the oysters. Biwa or freshwater pearls do not have any external body at their core unlike to that of other saltwater pearls. The Biwa Pearl farmers cut the shroud of a living mussel instead of introducing an external body into the mussel. This process makes the mussel produce nacre, which eventually leads to the formation of an astounding pearl.

A Glossy gem of nature it holds the energies of the living creature and contemplates as a protective creation of the oyster shell. The soothing energies of the gem infuse love in the surrounding along with the inner soul.
Creator of love, Biwa Pearl appraised for its defensive abilities as well as to soothe the emotional heart. The mellow vibes of this captivating gem bring a relaxing energy in the aura to pacify the distressing emotions along with the restless intellectual torso.
Biwa pearl too heightens the imaginative power to bring clarity to the thoughts in addition to the decision making. It evokes creativity by suppressing the over sensitive behavior and help to focus I the right direction to attain all the riches of the life. Biwa Pearl often speculates to magnetize prosperity in life, as since ages used as a talisman to bring wealth. It too regarded best gem nugget for the people suffering from the issue of fluid retention in the body.
A birthstone of the month June, it purifies the deliberations and help to clear the blockages from the intellect along with the emotional heart. The energies of this nature's gem too shimmer the inner self by infusing optimistic energies in the torso.
The magnificent luster of Biwa pearl contemplates adding innocence and its ability to clean the overall torso help to align the chakras for attaining balance.
Biwa pearls too symbolize faith as it adds meaning to the relations, by bringing loyalty and commitment. Regarded as a gem of sincerity, it proffers sincerity in life. On the physical ground, it is acknowledged to mend the digestive tract along with the organs of the body. Biwa pearls too regarded best for women as it augment fertility as well as ease the childbirth. A stone of the planet, Moon it proffers happiness and wisdom in life along with the wealth. It too endorses prosperity as well as perfect health. Furthermore, it likewise saves the soul from misfortunes.

In a sole freshwater mussel, approximately 25 pearls can be cultivated, and this process takes about three years to accomplish.

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Where is Biwa Pearl found?

Biwa pearls are basically the origination of Lake Biwa, which is in Japan, but China has gradually given a tough competition to this Japanese freshwater pearl harvesting. The high competition that China has given to Japan is also a reason that the cultivation of Biwa Pearls has degenerated.

Healing Properties

Biwa Pearl is said to have the power that purify the thoughts that flow through the body and mind. It enhances awareness of a person and given a gleam to your inner self. It expresses your highest self.

Biwa Pearl Facts

Some facts about Biwa Pearl

  • Freshwater or cultured Pearls, like Biwa Pearls, are considered to have the power that can offer luck, love, money, and safety.
  • These pearls are believed to save children from any sort of harm.
  • Biwa Pearls offer wisdom and are believed to quicken the commandments of destiny and also looks beautiful in Biwa Pearl Silver Jewelry.
  • They are also considered great in cementing the love relationships and friendship.

Metaphysical Properties

Biwa Pearl are found in unusual shapes other than round; the typical shape of Biwa Pearls that have largely been seen is the rice-grain shape. However, in last 50 years the cultivation of these pearls have declined to a large extent due to rising pollution in the lake where they are cultivated.

Biwa Pearl at a Glance

Cleavage NA
Other Names NA
Crystal Habit NA
Streak White
Refractive Index NA
Diaphaneity Translucent to opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 2.5–4.5
Sources Lake biwa of Japan, China
Chemical formula CaCO3
Lustre Vitreous
Color White, pink, silver, cream
Chakra Healing Solar plexus chakra
Birthstone June
Zodiac Gemini

Biwa Pearl Color

Biwa pearls are found in very beautiful natural colors, like pink, white, and grey, which are a little dissimilar to those of regular oyster pearls. Because of their property of being un-nucleated, Biwa Pearls have a lustre and luminosity, which when compared to other nucleated and uncultured pearls seems to be much high.

Biwa Pearl Colors


Actually I am facing a little confusion between Pearl and Biwa Pearl whether these are similar or not. Please help me out.
Reply on 31/10/14
Hi Kelly… we are here to draw all you confusion. Pearl is divided into two categories- beaded cultured pearls and freshwater cultured pearls.
The pearls belong to former category and biwa pearl is the part of the latter one. Biwa pearl is named after the lake, Biwa in which it grows.
For more info related to pearl... you may read the content above.
Reply on 3/11/14
Biwa Pearl is the best gemstone for strengthening the friendships and love relationships. It also bestows safety, money, love and luck. My needs are similar to the powers and properties of this talisman. Should I try it? Please suggest.
Reply on 12/11/14
Hi Bly…if you find this gemstone according to your requirements then you should go for it. You may also seek advice from your astrologer he will recommend you the best and beneficial charm.
Reply on 22/11/14
I have read on internet that Biwa Pearl save the children from any kind of harm. I also want to buy it for mu knees. Should I go for it? Suggest please.
Reply on 28/11/14
yes off-course you may try biwa pearl for your knees...this talisman is good for kids...but you should an advice from your gemstones are worn under recommendation as these are sensitive and suit according to zodiac or birthstone..
Reply on 21/4/15
hi Fern, why don't you try our service in this case in which we ask for birth date of the one who want to wear specific charm, our experts perform the calculation and suggest an apt try this...
Reply on 11/5/15
Hi Jewelexi,

Thanks for suggesting me such a nice option. I will be much thankful to you if you could help me out.
The birth date of my knees is 25 June'90. I am waiting for your reply as I want to gift Biwa Pearl gemstone to her. Thanks again.
Reply on 9/6/15
I am using this Biwa pearl stone for about 3 years and it enhances the alertness and consciousness of and increases my self confidence. It expresses his highest self.
Reply on 29/6/15
Holla! Chase.. i am glad that you have asked something which i wanted to know too.. Yea! i can't help you in this because i too need help in it..I think we should ask at " Ask Miss Mittens" Its a free astrology service by jewelexi.. We should try it out.
Reply on 26/10/15
Sally-Anne Lambert
There is a tradition, maybe European, that giving pearl or opal is very bad luck, if you give it the receiver must pay a penny or sth. I had an opal from mother, from her mother, I think it was very bad luck for us, now I paid .01c. Lately people are more cruel to the animal like mussel that produces the pearl, they cut its soft body, they put up to 25 irritants into the cuts, it can get disease from the cuts. So pearl = human boldness, power.
Reply on 1/7/18
I like the design you created with the gemstones. It's like different themes with every stone which makes it better automatically.
Reply on 17/7/19
David Warner
Biwa Pearls are so pretty!!
Reply on 16/9/19
The healing properties of this stone is just next to the miracle...I really love to wearing this stone.
Reply on 7/11/19
Enjoy reading your article very amazing and useful for choosing the right stone.
Reply on 23/12/19

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