Beta Quartz

Beta Quartz- Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Who with any interest in gemstones and gemstone jewelry hasn’t heard of Quartz? Everyone has obviously heard of quartz simply because it is one of the most popular category of gemstones. Quartz is one of the most commonly available gemstones in the world. It is available in many forms and known by various names. While amethyst and citrine are two of the most common types of quartz known to mankind, there are several other lesser known varieties also available. Chalcedony is a common sub-category of quartz that is available in many different forms. 

Among the numerous types of quartz known to mankind, Beta Quartz is one. It is one of the lesser known varieties of Quartz and has only recently gained some popularity. It is so rare that it isn’t easily availablein every jewelry retailer store. Some online jewelry and gemstone stores are going the extra mile to procure these rare Beta Quartz for their discerning loyal customers. 

There are many reasons why Beta Quartz is a rare variety of quartz. One of the most interesting facts about this mineral is that it cannot exist in a temperature that is below 573 degrees Celsius. In room temperature it becomes unstable. Beta Quartz is a matrix and more technically a pseudomorph. It is most commonly found in a hexagonal dipyramid shape and there are no prism faces on the mineral.

Where is Beta Quartz found?

Some sizeable quantities of Beta Quartz have been mined from Italy’sMonteriggioni Quarry. It is located at Monteriggioni in Siena, Toscana.

Healing Properties

Since Beta Quartz is a rare gemstone not much is known about its healing properties. However having said so, there are some things that have been brought to light. Beta Quartz does have healing powers and it helps in a few ways. Believed to be a meditation stone, it is especially beneficial if one reserves its use only for special occasions. It is also believed that Beta Quartz can help interpret dreams far more succinctly. There is also a strong belief that Beta Quartz helps understand the complex nature of life and what it means to an individual.  

Beta Quartz Facts

Beta Quartz is a rare form of quartz

It is a matrix 

It cannot exist at any temperature below 573 degrees Celsius. 

It is shaped as a hexagonal dipyramidthat has six sided pyramids forming one crystaol

Usually the stone doesn’t measure more than 1.5 inches by 2 inches 

It is primarily mined from Italy

Beta Quartz is believed to be helpful while meditating during special occasions. 

It should not regularly be used during meditation

Metaphysical Properties


Beta Quartz Color

Beta Quartz is most commonly found in the color black. 

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