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Barite has been known widely for enhancing friendship, harmony and affection. It is well-recognized for motivation, independence, and releasing trapped feelings, expressions, and emotions. Barite renews the intuitive powers of the wearer by providing delicate yet strong connection with the spiritual world. It is an amazing crystal for removing toxins from the body by assisting in getting rid of the addictive habits.

Originally, the name given to the stone was Baryte, which is a Greek word, which in English means heavy. However, now in most of this crystal is spelled as Barite, which is its American spelling. It has other names as well, like barytine, barytes, tiff, heavy spar, schwerspath, and blanc fixe.

Where is Barite found?

Baryte has been found in places, like Canada, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Chile, Guatemala, Iran, India, Ireland Liberia, Greece, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Romania, South Africa, Thailand, Turkey, and UK (Cornwall, Durham, Argyllshire Cumbria, Perthshire, Derbyshire and Surrey) and in the USA from Connecticut, Cheshire, New York, De Kalb, and New Mexico.

It is also reportedly mined in Arkansas, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Nevada, Kentucky, Connecticut, Virginia and Missouri.

Healing Properties

The beneficial properties that barite endows on its wearer are:

Physical Healing : Barite is a great stone for sharpening the brain and enhancing memory. It helps the wearer in getting rid of the addictive habits if any.

Emotional Healing : Barite helps to release those emotions and feelings, which on never expresses in front of anyone, which eventually results in depression and stress. It provides the feeling of self-assurance and confidence to the wearer so that he does not get dependent on anyone in stages of emotional drift.

Barite is also considered excellent for enhancing the love and compassion of friends and family.

Spiritual Healing : Barite is a dominant stone to support the body travel, normally called as astral travel, or exploration. It fortifies inner vision and is a tough and strong stone to augment dream recollection. It relieves one to learn what the images and characters within your dreams indicate, and how significant and helpful is all these to know for the betterment of your life.

It is believed that the structures begin to emerge in one’s life as the intuitive abilities are elevated by coming in the contact with this stone.

Heals and Balances Chakra : Barite helps connecting one to ones higher self and purpose of life.  It acts as an enticement to high-frequency energy, and trigger and clears blockages and obstructions in the upper chakras.

Barite Facts

Some facts about Barite

  • The Baryte group comprises of Baryte, anglesite, Celestine, and Anhydrite.
  • The International Mineralogical Association approved of "barite" as the official spelling when it was found in 1959.
  • Barite is used as a weighting agent in gas exploration to restrain high pressure and avoiding nosh-ups, and in drilling out fluids in oil.
  • In olden times, Barite was used for producing barium hydroxide, which in turn was used as a white tint for paper, textiles and paint. It was also used for sugar refining.
  • Although, Barite contains a toxic substance called Barium, but it is not considered toxic by most of the governments due to its high solubility.
  • For discovering the pattern of the dreams and interpreting them it is a belief to keep a barite crystal under your pillow while sleeping.

Metaphysical Properties

Barite or Baryte is a mineral comprised of Barium Sulphate. Barite often occurs in sedimentary rocks and sediments as void-filling crystals and concentrations. The place where carbonate rocks, like dolostone and limestone, are heavily weathered, large deposits of barite are also found there at the soil-bedrock. It is also found as concentrations in sandstone and sand. Sometimes, barite grows in beautiful rose shape within the sand, which is termed as “desert rose”. These naturally creative structures are somewhat honey golden in color.

Barite has a very low hardness of almost 2.5 to 3.5 on the Moh’s scale. The lustre of this crystal is from vitreous to pearly, and it is basically in transparent or translucent form.

Barite at a Glance

Cleavage Perfect, in two directions
Other Names Baryte, Heavyspar, Desert Rose
Crystal Habit Tabular parallel to base, fibrous, nodular to massive
Streak White
Refractive Index 1.636-1.648
Diaphaneity Transparent - Opaque
Moh's scale (hardness) 3-3.5
Sources Brazil, Nigeria, Canada, Chile, China, India, Greece, Guatemala, Iran, Ireland , Liberia, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Romania, Turkey, South Africa, Thailand, UK and in the USA from Cheshire, Connecticut, De Kalb, New York and Fort Wallace.
Chemical formula BaSO4
Lustre Vitreous
Color Yellow, Brown, Colorless, Pink, Red, Green, Blue
Chakra Healing Third eye chakra, Crown chakra
Birthstone February
Zodiac Aquarius

Barite Color

Barite is a crystal found generally in green, light blue, white, and colorless forms.

Barite Colors


Some of the properties of Barite go with my requirements. May I choose it for wearing? Will it be suitable for me?
Reply on 5/11/14
Hi Micy, if you find the properties of similar to your needs then you should go for it. Before this you must be sure that your Zodiac should Taurus or Aries as these are the suitable Zodiac for this charm. Apart from this you may also ask for recommendation from your astrologer. He will suggest you an apt crystal for you.
Reply on 19/11/14
One may use this talisman as an Anti-depressant or Anti-stress stone as it helps the beings in releasing all their feelings and emotions which they never express keep them with themselves. I want to try this gemstone for my aunt as she is going through similar issues in her life. Suggest please if I could prefer it for her?
Reply on 27/11/14
You may prefer this talisman if you find this talisman suitable as per your requirements, in fact you may ask for your astrologer's suggestion too.
Reply on 13/1/15
Ricky Slater
barite gemstone enhances the memory and sharpens the mind of the wearer..i want this charm for my child so that his qualities may get raised with this charm and he may become more talented..
Reply on 13/4/15
You may try out Barite gemstone, i sounds good in this case, why don;t you post the birth date of your child, Jewelexi's expert helps in this case too. I an wearing sapphire as Jewelexi suggested me after making calculation according to my birth you know what i am on right path and living my life at its best.. ask Jewelexi best of luck..
Reply on 11/5/15
Hi Alexa, Thanks for suggesting me a perfect way. I will ask Jewelexi for the same. Hope it will work. Actually since many weeks I am suffering from such a huge confusion and my child's problems are continuously squeezing me. Thanks for giving me your hand in this critical situation. I will never forget your undemanding favor for me. The healing properties of Barite gemstone actually match with my needs.
Reply on 8/6/15
Barite is a useful stone for inter-dimensional journeys, as it will give you the advantage of being able to be guided back safely.
Reply on 7/7/15
Hey i need help!1 my grandmother has lost her memory and now she's in hospital doctors have permitted her to go home now but we're confused what to do?? please is anybody there to tell me that do Barite really heals memory loss?
Reply on 10/12/15
Wow!! This stone is amazing. Please notify me whenever it is in stock. Thanks.
Reply on 29/7/19

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