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Banded Oil Shale - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

You must have definitely heard about or seen the beautiful and unique looking banded oil shale jewelry. Having a mix of few lovely colors like black and grey, the banded oil shale jewelry definitely makes you stand apart from the crowd. The oil shale gets formed on the beds of lakes and seas. In fact, when the organic wreckage starts getting settled down and collected at the bottom of the water body, the formation of the oil shale begins. Gradually as the time passes by, this debris collected at the bottom of lakes and seas get converted into a rock in presence of increased temperature and also, the pressure. Banded oil shale is a beautiful striped or banded form of sedimentary rock. These sedimentary rocks are such that the oil can be taken out from them. Also, the banded oil shale is quite fine-grained in nature. It has an opaque appearance and the texture is considered splintery.

Healing Properties

Many of you must not be aware of the fact that Banded Oil Shale is not only an item to beautify yourself but it is also a source of many significant healing properties. After all, there must be more than the ‘beauty’ reason for the growing demand of this exceptionally beautiful banded oil shale jewelry. Let us find out what are those healing properties for which the banded oil shale is given much value and love!

  • It invites good health – Homes that have banded oil shale in it are believed to be abodes of good health. Many times, most of us become sad because of presence of some sort of disease or ailment in our home. You can protect your home from diseases and make it healthier with the help of banded oil shale. This enchanting shale is believed to fill a place with positive and healthy vibrations. 
  • It removes negativity and stress – We should not take stress and anxiety lightly as they can give birth to many other problems in the form of chronic diseases too. You can use this stone to say goodbye to tension and can remove negativity through it as it completely absorbs the negative feelings and vibrations. 
  • It helps in sorting out many physical issues – Believe it or not but getting good sleep has become a strong problem among many of us. Blame it on the busy schedules or the tight deadlines but the truth is that the lack of good sleep is not at all good for our health. The bad or disturbed sleep can bring many other problems related to it. Use the banded oil shale to induce good and relaxed sleep. It helps combat the disease of insomnia. It brings mental as well as physical peace wherein your mind stays calm and your muscles feel relaxed.  
  • It helps connect with the cosmos – It is strongly believed that the banded oil shale helps in getting connected with the cosmos. In fact, it works as a bridge between its user and the cosmos. The shale is said to receive signals from above and then transmit those signal to the receiver or the user. However, in order for the proper receiving, it is a must to get fully attuned with the oil shale first. In addition to this, one needs to wait for the proper time like the full moon night or the midnights are considered the suitable time for receiving the messages from the universe. You also need to have two lighted candles in front of you. Once all this is achieved you have to focus on the banded oil shale for about half an hour. You will start noticing different forms and images in your mind. Do not worry if you are not able to take the meaning of those images. It is said that the banded oil shale will induce meaningful dreams in you. Also, the upcoming full moon nights will help you understand the complete meaning hidden in those dreams induced by the banded oil shale. Thus, if you want to establish a connection with the cosmos, the banded oil shale can surely help you.
  • It is considered to provide protection – The negative vibrations emitting from various sources can harm us in various bad way. Thus, it is advisable to have a shield against any such negativity. Banded oil shale is widely used in the form of amulets and talismans. It is believed to give strong protection from negativity to its wearer. Thus, by using this shale, you can stay safe from any sort of negative vibe or feeling. 
  • It enhances the creativity – Creativity should not be confined by any limits. Rather, it should always be improved and increased to achieve better forms. If you believe in the same, it is now time to give a good boost to your creative skills. The banded oil shale is an amazing option for those artists who want to take their creative skills to the next level. Thus, it can be rightly used by the writers, musicians, painters and other artists. It also helps one think about innovative ideas. 

It also helps in clairvoyance – You must have definitely heard that many people are gifted with divine powers. If you or your known ones are gifted with this amazing power, you should try to improve the same. It is always beneficial to improve and enhance the divine powers as they can bring help to many people. Enhance your divine powers with the help of banded oil shale. The shale helps you understand the divine world in a significant manner. It unlocks many doors of divinity before you so that you are able to understand the divine world in a much better way than before! It also strengthens the intuition power of the person and fortifies the natural psychic abilities too.

Banded Oil Shale Facts

Oil shales are found in various parts of the world. In the Asian continent, the oil shale can be found at Turkey, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, Syria, Jordan, Russia, Israel, and India. In the African continent, it can be found in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Kenya, and South Africa. It can also be found in Europe including places like Greece, Sweden, Scotland, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Spain. It is also present in North America in a significant amount. Also, in South America, it can be found in Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Peru. The historical evidence suggests that the oil shale was used in ancient times also. They were used by the ancient Romans.

Metaphysical Properties

Apart from the opaque look and splintery texture, the Banded Oil Shale has few minerals in it. The mineral presence in it consists of albite, chert, biotite, calcite, chlorite, hematite, dolomite, micas, muscovite, silica, sulphide, pyrite, and quartz. It contains a dull luster and has a fine-grained nature. 

  • Wearing the banded oil shale is believed to being health to its wearer. 
  • The banded oil shale is also considered for bringing positive results in CNS disorders. It induces good and relaxed sleep. 
  • Banded oil shale is also a great option for those who want to stay away from tension. 
  • It is also a suitable option to align the base chakra or the root chakra. 
  • Be it your home or workplace, staying calm is essential in order to work and perform better both at the personal and professional levels. If you will lose your temper and will stay annoyed, things will only worsen. Use the Banded Oil Shale as it is believed to induce calm and peaceful feelings in the wearer and thus helps in staying relaxed in different circumstances. 
  • Using the banded oil shale helps react in a positive and smart way in various situations of life. 
  • It is also used efficiently for absorbing the negative vibes. Thus, you can simply place it in your home as it will absorb and remove all the negative vibrations present in the surrounding place.  
  • The stone is believed to aid in the shamanic journeys. 

If someone advised you to mediate for a certain purpose and you are not able to meditate in the proper way, then again, the banded oil shale can help you out. You can do better meditation with the help of banded oil shale as it gives a more peaceful and focused state.

Banded Oil Shale Color

Let us now discuss the colors of banded oil shale. You can find it in some unique shades like black, buff, brown, red, yellow, grey and also, the green shade. The black and grey shades are most coveted in the jewelry world.

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