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Azurite Malachite - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

The world of gemstones is enchanting and tempting with each gemstone carrying its own amazing healing properties and other qualities. While it is a distinct fact that gemstones and their jewelry give a sparkling beautiful look to the wearer, it is even more important to value the healing properties associated with them. Nature has bestowed unique and exceptionally beautiful gemstones to us. There are few gemstones that contain a combination of two gemstones making it a fabulous advantage that the wearer can enjoy the benefits of both the stones. One such amazing example is of Azurite Malachite. This enthralling stone has the innate combination of two beautiful and popular stones called the Malachite and the Azurite. The deep blue green shades of Azurite Malachite give it a fantastic rich appearance.


Malachite Azurite Healing Properties

There are many significant healing properties associated with Azurite-Malachite. Take a look at the same as described below:

Azurite Malachite stone invites wealth and prosperity in life – When you carry or wear Azurite Malachite stone, it starts inviting wealth and prosperity in your life. Thus, if your life is not so good from a financial point of view, you can try your luck by wearing the Azurite Malachite jewelry or by keeping the stone with you. This ability of the stone to attract richness and prosperity in life is the reason why this stone is also called ‘The Businessman’s Stone’!

It clears away any confusion in life – Many times it happens that we are not able to take the right decision or any decision at all because of the extreme chaos in our minds. The complicated situations of life sometimes put all of us in a confusing state of mind when taking a decision does not remain an easy task at all. In such situations, the Azurite Malachite stone can be of great help. It will remove confusion so that you can get clarity in your thoughts and take better decision in any difficult situation too.

It removes the dull feeling – Do you often experience this feeling wherein you feel very low, dull and don’t feel like doing anything at all? If this has been happening with you frequently, you need to take help of this rich looking blue-green stone called Azurite-Malachite. The stone refreshes your mood also and elevates your spirit.

Azurite Malachite helps you live a better life – Had it ever happened with you that you felt your life is not going the way it should have been? If so, you can try using this stone which is considered to remove any sort of blockages from your life. These blockages or hurdles are the ones which stop you from living your life from the way you want it to be.

The stone helps you get inspiration – If your thought procedure and life lack inspiration, let this stonework wonders for you. It will help you feel motivated and inspired. It will let you think in an all new and positive way bringing inspiration in your thoughts.

It helps you improve your power of intuition – Azurite-Malachite is a brilliant stone for those who want to enhance and improve their intuition power. Once they start using this stone, they will feel that their intuition power is working in a much better manner.

It inspires you to take action – The green color of Azurite-Malachite is believed to give courage to its user or wearer. It is the color that is responsible for the attitude of taking action for something. If you think that you do not have the required courage to do a certain task you can take help of this amazing stone!

It fills you with love – One significant healing property of this stone is that it brings love in your life and fills you with love. It creates feelings for others in the wearer so that they can find love. Many people have this attitude of not feeling anything for others. This mute attitude is replaced by love and emotions when Azurite-Malachite is used by people.

Use this stone to get relaxed – If you often remain disturbed and annoyed due to anxiety, this blue-green stone can help you out. It will make you feel relaxed by calming down your anxiety.

It gives a better understanding – Be it any area of life, using this stone will help you find and know better understanding in each of the areas. Knowing various areas of life will help you deal with different situations with ease.

The stone soothes down your emotions – Let your emotions remain calm and tranquil with the help of Azurite-Malachite. The stone will provide you a soothing feeling, especially in your emotions so that you stay calm and relaxed.

The stone helps gain beneficial results in certain physical conditions – Anyone who is suffering from an injury in bones or in the muscles can find beneficial results while using the Azurite Malachite stone. The stone is known to bring fast recovery and healing in cases of bone injuries or muscle injuries. Also, the stone is helpful for enhancing the level of oxygen in the blood. Thus, it can be used for the repair of destroyed cells of the brain. In addition to this, the stone also brings positive results for those who face the problem of sore throat.

It works as a great healer – Do you know that Azurite-Malachite is a wonderful healer. Be it about the emotional healing or physical healing, this stone can be of significant use for both the aforesaid situations. A quick way to get a soothing feeling in any physical problem is to place the Azurite Malachite stone on the required area of the body and wait for a few minutes. The stone will remove the pain and will give you a stress-free feeling.

Azurite Malachite Facts

Let us take a quick glance at some interesting and important facts associated with this wonderful gemstone.

  1. Azurite Malachite is also popularly known as the ‘Stone of transformation’.
  2. The word Azurite hails from the Persian language and its origin is the ‘lazhward’ ( a Persian word) that simply means blue.
  3. While the word ‘Azurite’ has a Persian origin, it is interesting to know that Malachite comes from the Greek origin word ‘molochitis’ meaning a ‘mallow plant’.
  4. When talking separately about both the stones, that is, the Azurite and the Malachite, let us tell you that these stones are toxic when available in raw form. Also, when they combine to make the final stone called the Azurite Malachite, it exhibits a similar property, that is, being toxic when found in raw form. This is the chief reason why it is highly recommended to be very careful while applying various cutting and polishing methods to this attractive looking stone.
  5. The significant locations where Azurite Malachite can be found include Africa, United States of America, Central America, Southeast Asia and China.
  6. It is also an important fact to mention that Azurite Malachite is a valuable stone that needs to be handled with care. Extreme precaution is essential while working with this stone as its effect can be toxic.

Metaphysical Properties Of Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite is a fabulous stone with a lot of healing properties. It is also popularly called “The Stone of Heaven”. This is so because the stone is believed to provide better awareness and vision about all areas of life. It is associated with stimulating natural talents, removing vanity, replacing stillness with love and providing a calm feeling. The green colors of this stone are said to be helpful in many ways. The green color of this stone inspires us to take action, accept change, raise innovative skills and heal the emotional traumas.

When the two different stones called Azurite and Malachite combine, they result in a lovely mineral stone called the Azurite Malachite. The stone reacts to air as well as to the heat too. When it comes into contact with air or heat, it starts showing significant changes like turning into black copper oxide powder, etc. The Malachite stone crystals can be found in different shapes like crusts, tufts, masses, etc. The stone can also be found in the form of stalactites and stalagmite. The Azurite stone belongs to the copper carbonate, aragonite group and comes in a deep blue color. Its hardness is 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale. The specific gravity of Azurite is 3.7 - 3.9 and its refractive index is 1.730 to 1.838. The Malachite stone also belongs to the copper carbonate, aragonite group and is available in few shades of green including the dark blackish green, the lighter shades of green and also the emerald green. The hardness of this stone is 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale and its refractive index is 1.655 - 1.909.

Azurite Malachite In News

Azurite Malachite Color

The Azurite stone adds lovely and rich blue shades to the stone while Malachite brings upon the attractive dark green shades. Therefore, the Azurite Malachite stone shows the amalgamation of two dark shades – green and blue.


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