Agua Nueva Agate

Agua Nueva Agate - Healing Properties, Color, Power & Facts

Gemstones are precious and are very special in terms of their effect. These gemstones play an important role in human life.  These are the gifts given to us by nature which have a mesmerizing effect on us. One of the most extraordinary gemstones is Agua Nueva agate. It has its uniqueness and beauty. This stone is very well-known in its uniqueness and beauty. It is very famous in its raw form. It is found naturally in Southwest and as well as in Mexico. This stone is considered as one of the unique stone because no two forms of this stone are same. 

Healing Properties Of Agua Nueva Agate

  1. Agua Nueva agate can be mostly worn if you are striving for the maximum progress and success in your life and to achieve this wearing agua Nueva agate is the best choice. Agua Nueva agate is mainly known for the balance of focus and energy and to provide power and courage in your miserable times. It has a calming and soothing effect.  Agua Nueva agate generates tremendous energy which helps in calming down you are able to find relaxation and peace within you.
  2. Agua Nueva agate acts as a barrier to negative energies and opens the gateways for the flow of positive energy and you feel much more motivated, positive and uplifted in your day to day task. Life is filled with happiness and fun. A person who wears this gemstone has a stimulating effect on the mind and as a person, you feel much more encouraged. Agua Nueva agate helps you in making the best use of your potential to transform your life.
  3. Agua Nueva agate provides tremendous control over your emotions and feelings of anger and anxiety can be minimized and put under control. It inculcates maturity in your decision-making ability. A stone best suited for achieving strength.
  4. Agua Nueva agate is one of the best stone which helps in strengthening the body’s connection to the earth. Promotes fertility and is of immense help to mothers in promoting lactation. It brings prosperity and completeness in all spheres of life in terms of finance and fulfills one’s desire of becoming financially capable and independent.
  5. Agua Nueva agate is of utmost help in eliminating emotional disharmony and makes relations to last longer and inspires to fill life with good and marvelous things. Eradicates anger, anxiety, and heart is filled with the feelings of love and kindness. Success is the ultimate goal after wearing agua Nueva agate which leads to having a feeling of satisfaction.

Agua Nueva Agate Facts

  1. Agua Nueva agate is mainly worn by the people holding an important position of power.
  2. In the year 1997 and 1998, The Gem Shop Inc. did mining for vein agate deposit famous for its tube formations. The agate nodules are not that much concentrated in the rocks as most nodular agate deposits.
  3. A large number of rocks are mined and checked in order to get a good nodule. Most of the world’s best quality agate has been obtained from Agua Nueva ranch.

Metaphysical Properties Of Agua Nueva Agate

  1. Agua Nueva agate is a very popular gemstone which is mainly used for decorative purposes. The stone comes in many colors and people mostly prefer it wearing in the form of jewelry. The stones can be customized according to the need.
  2. It is a translucent variety of Microcrystalline quartz used as a semiprecious stone. It is formed by the silica deposits from groundwater in the igneous rock cavities. Agua Nueva agate is renowned and is mostly used in the form of earrings, rings, pendants and many other jewelry objects.

Agua Nueva Agate Color

Agua Nueva agate is available in various colors like red, pink, lavender and golden, brown, green, white. Some variations of the stones are available that consists of transparent stones or crystal suitable for making fabulous sets of jewelry. The difference in colors is produced due to the seeping of the different components of groundwater into the cavity.

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