Crown Jewelry Collection

Crown jewelry was popularly used in the actual ceremony of celebration. The formal titles of monarchy worn or given on events of state and the collections of rich gem crown jewelry brought together by various European monarchs as valuable assets, not of their estates but of the offices they filled and the royal families to which they belonged.  Made with art and craftsmanship and full of memoirs, Queen's jewelry item within the collection expresses different aspects of the monarch's power, outlooks, and the relationship between ruler and country. Our sterling silver crown jewelry features some of the world's most famous precious and semi-precious gemstones, the ultimate symbol of strength, power, and responsibility. 

Jewelry for a queen, gift your deserving princess with this on-trend crown bezel gemstone pendant. Gemexi's collection of crystal crown jewelry gives you several ways to reign. Our vision has always focused on crafting profoundly unique jewelry that tells a fantastic story. Each of our Gem Crown bezel pendants can be worn in different styles and on different occasions. The crown is a symbol of power, authority, and confidence. For happiness, these gorgeous jewels have adorned rulers across three continents. Today, they signify one's wish to rule and become a powerful symbol in literature and culture, where Gemexi thrives. We have provided this timeless icon and blended it with our signature style and metals. So, say hello to King crown jewelry! Inspired by royalty, this silver version of the Crown bezel pendant is designed with an edge to sit perfectly on your neck.
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