10 Takeaways from The Resort 2016 Collections

By Gemexi Team | Fashion
  • Posted: Monday, July 6, 2015
10 Takeaways from The Resort 2016 Collections

Resort Collections have always given a new perspective to the spring/summer and fall/winter collections in a different light. Since the resort collection primarily caters to the holiday-goers, usually we see a lot of sleek cuts. The chic and sleek look never seems to get old, at least in the Resort Collections. We have also seen over the years the use of bright pastel shades on clothes and again it seems very natural. If the target buyers are the ones heading to the Mediterranean or Ibiza when the sun shines high, such colors make any wearer look vibrant and elegant. Though the Resort Collections tend to be less on theatrics, there definitely is no compromise on craftsmanship. Over the last few weeks, designers in Paris, London, New York and Milan have been showcasing their Resort 2016 collections which will likely hit the market by November. From all the collections revealed till now, we have listed a few takeaways – a few trends- that will be the talk of the town the coming holiday season. Let’s take a seek to peek at them.

Bell Curves        


Designers like Calvin Klein, Thakoon and Suno haven’t gone retro with the bell curves. Rather in the Resort Collections, we have seen more body-hugging tunics and skirts with flared hems.


Floral Embroidery          

We wonder whether floral prints and embroideries can ever be out of fashion. Looks like florals are always meant to be in fashion. That’s probably the reason why we saw several colorful floral embroideries on slip dresses, white shirts, tote bags and also on sandals.


Cape Backs        

From all the collections that have been revealed until now, it seems like designers have been paying more attention to the back of the garment. That’s probably the reason why cape backs have made re-entry and are been seen on dresses, jackets, parkas, and blouses.



Bomber Jackets       

It's always ‘cool’ to wear a bomber jacket. But during the Resort 2016 Collection, we have seen them in a new avatar. During the holiday months, you can wear knitted, laced, embroidered bomber jackets. Looks like many heads will be turning this off-season!



Maxis seems to be the dress of the off-season and feature in the Resort 2016 Collections. This time we have seen floral prints on bright colored maxis.


Leather Comeback       

This holiday month we are expecting many to be dressed completely in leather. The Resort 2016 Collections showcased a lot of leather, be it in tunics, skirts or dresses.


Two-Toned Coats           

The other kind of coats we are likely to see on several shoulders is the two-toned coats. You can expect the color combinations of white-yellow, grey-red, blue-white, etc.


Shoulder Show          

The tummy-showing cuts are finally out and they have been replaced by the shoulder revealing dresses. In the Resort 2016 Collections, we have seen glimpses of halters, one-shoulders, off the shoulders, etc. We also saw laced up dresses giving a peek of the shoulders. 



This off-season we will see pretty girls wearing sequins. Not only do sequins look awesome but they also flatter most kind of body type.


Black and White              

For many designers, Resort Collections have always meant going back to basics. We saw several models walk the ramp in black and white outfits – one of the basic must-have in any wardrobe.

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